TECH TALKS Controlling your iPhone / iPad via powerChair 1 How to pair & setupSetting up your wheelchair accessible iNet iDevice and Bluetooth Step1 – Bluetooth Pairing Use mode selector,  toggle until you  get iDevice mode Next active pairing mode ( joystick up until beep,  then down till beep Step2 – Bluetooth Pairing on iPhone / iPad on idevice go to Settings > Bluetooth  and select iDevice from available list (might take a minute or Read more about TechTalk10[…]

Change Now

Imagine being able to harness Fitbit-like technology to help those suffering from ALS. Going beyond fitness data, the ALS iNVOLVE/eNGAGE App will provide patients and those seeking a cure to ALS with valuable life-changing data. The App collects over 80 data points from ALS patients and will help provide answers about which treatments are most effective.   Without the App, ALS patients are simply asked to fill out a 12-question subjective questionnaire to monitor progress. Read more about Change Now[…]