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Innovative Approach to ALS Research

Help us change the outdated surveys and gain valuable insights that will change the future of ALS.

Crowd Funding & Investors!

Help bring an end to ALS by funding a life-changing application that will track and monitor 80 different data points of ALS patients. Through data collection and analysis, researchers will finally be able to gain valuable insights that will change the future of ALS.

Imagine being able to harness Fitbit-like technology to help those suffering from ALS. Going beyond fitness data, the ALS iNVOLVE/eNGAGE App will provide patients and those seeking a cure to ALS with valuable life-changing data. The App collects over 80 data points from ALS patients and will help provide answers about which treatments are most effective.
Without the App, ALS patients are simply asked to fill out a 12-question subjective questionnaire to monitor progress. This is simply unacceptable in today's modern technological world. This App will allow those fighting ALS to get the answers needed for treatment and ultimately a cure. Those with ALS know that time is of the essence. Every dollar will help get this life-saving Application out to those in need sooner. link to support the campaign


A group of artists from around the world have donated their art pieces to raise money to help bring an end to ALS. The artists work is available for sale online through Art4the Cure and money raised goes towards the foundations App Project!

A variance on other fund-raising events such as walks or races, ‘Art4the Cure', is an on-going event in which artists from around the world have donated a wide array of photographs and paintings aimed at helping those with ALS.
There are currently over 52 artists from 9 countries and 16 states who have contributed 84 pieces of art. The artwork can be purchased via Auctions,  Online and new Corporate Lease plan with all profits going towards the development and launch of the life-changing ALS iNVOLVE/eNGAGE App for the collection of ALS data. This application will gather necessary data from ALS patients helping to monitor progress, understand treatment, and ultimately find a cure. The artists who generously donate their work as well as the patrons who purchase their art, together will play a part in bringing an end to ALS. link to the GALLERY