July 19, 2016




How to pair & setup

Setting up your wheelchair accessible iNet iDevice and Bluetooth

Step1 - Bluetooth Pairing

Use mode selector,  toggle until you  get iDevice mode

Next active pairing mode ( joystick up until beep,  then down till beep

Step2 - Bluetooth Pairing on iPhone / iPad

on idevice go to Settings > Bluetooth  and select iDevice from available list (might take a minute or 2 too connect)

Step3 - Setup Accessibility Options

on idevice go to Settings > General  > Accessibility

(if you previously used Assistive Touch - turn this feature)

Next select Switch Control

This is were you define what action happens when you use joystick and buttons to trigger something on your phone!


tap on screen, home button, scroll left/right/Up/down

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NBC 9News Story


ALS APP for - Wellness  :: Tracking :: Research


Our story on NBC 9news about how we are changing the face of medical research !



 #EveryPatientEveryTime    #ScienceNotSurveys    #EmpoweringPALS

Over 80+ key metrics of Motion, Range, Velocity, Dexterity, Fine Motor Skills, Voice , Respiratory, Supplements , Medications , Nutrition, Clinical Trials and other key Vitals. 


Finally MND ALS Patient progression research is about to join the new millennium of technology driven precision medical research. By leveraging mobile apps to capture telemetry , biometrics and expanding on developments based on personal tracking fitness and health consumers have benefitted from for the past 10 yrs


Guest speaker @ Apple FileMaker


Steph will be a guest speaker on the Apple FileMaker webinar discussing the foundations unique approach to ALS / MND research on Sept 14th. Following the event FileMaker PR teams will be releasing the video and a site dedicated to enabling Research teams… stay tuned

Story – Steph on HomeAutomation@FoxDenver


interview with Steph on FoxDenver how home automation & technology helps

"Enjoy every sunrise and sunset, stay positive, be grateful of all the days past, spend those precious moments with your family & friends,  look forward to what's ahead"

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Suzanne Maguire Phillips – Author


Suzanne Maguire When Suzanne Maguire Phillips was told she only had 2-5 years to live, she was, of course, devastated. She was 36 years old with two sons under the age of 10, and what saddened her the most was the thought that it was unlikely she would live to see her sons grow to adulthood, get married, or have children of their own. Suzanne, who

Andre Williams Sr. – I Have ALS, ALS Doesn’t Have Me!


Andre Williams, Sr. As I peruse the Facebook page of Andre Miller Sr., one thing is very apparent: This man lives a full life and is surrounded by love.  With a diagnosis of ALS in 2006, Andre has had to endure many physical losses. However, he finds a way to make every minute count. He recently took a trip to Disney World, despite the difficulties of

Story – Jay’s Every90mins Journey


one of our favorite comments from Jay

"Each day I seek things to lift my spirit and help me grow, because tomorrow I have another chance to be a better me. A better father. A better husband. A better human being"

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Scott Marble – Fighting ALS


Meeting Scott Marble

Meeting Scott Marble

“I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth,” said Lou Gehrig in his famous speech 77 years ago. It’s a rare person who would call themselves “lucky” when living with ALS, a degenerative fatal disease, but Lou Gehrig recognized that he was loved, and for that, he felt lucky. Lou Gehrig set the

Story – Doug Clough


ALS Journeys

Doug Clough and his family share their story and perspective

Although all pALS face daily / weekly changes and challenges , a positive outlook ensures Doug continues to enjoy life & family #ALSNeverSurrender. Thanks for letting us share your journey .. we all hope it will be a long one.

Special thanks to Stephen Maxwell Bennett for creating this documentary and sharing with us all. please check them out - http://www.stephenmaxwellbennett.com

Story – Steve


Full story coming soon .. Thanks to our new contributing writer Yvette !!