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interview with Steph on FoxDenver how home automation & technology helps

"Enjoy every sunrise and sunset, stay positive, be grateful of all the days past, spend those precious moments with your family & friends,  look forward to what's ahead"

We hope you find that this interview into home automation insightful, and we are happy to answer any questions on home tech & remodels  ....

Oct 7th - 

Life is all about adjustments , especially when you live in a 2000sq ft split-ranch (3 level home) and are now confined to a PowerChair for 95% of your day. When you can no longer lift your legs to take a step ... stairs are not an option, or even reaching out your arm is impossible to change a light switch ... You modify and adapt to your new 800sq ft of "adapted space".   Here is the complete news interview on Denver's Fox affiliate